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Oasis Pool Care is a solutions-oriented pool and spa service! Contact us when you are shopping for an honest, friendly, professional service with old-fashioned integrity. Over the past years, our growing list of customers have come to value our reputation for solving their pool issues for a reasonable price. We will enjoy helping you toward your solution and satisfaction.


We are qualified to perform a variety of services such as: identification and diagnosis of problems; monthly maintenance; equipment repair and replacement; professional chemistry; automation; salt systems; heater sales and solutions; pool sweep sales and servicing; deck seal replacement and much more. For algae problems, contact us for your monthly maintenance quote today.


As you probably know by now, the average "do-it-yourself" homeowner does not have the education, experience, and skills to properly prevent harmful/unhealthy acidic, bacteria, and algae conditions in their pool and spa. Nor, are they aware of all of the invisible swimming pool surface and equipment damage that is occurring day after day in their "unbalanced" pool - leading to expensive repairs down the road. The money you will save by "trying to do it yourself" will regretfully be wasted when you find out that you have inadvertently cut in half the life of your pool's expensive surface, heating & filtering equipment! Money aside, you never want to be the cause of your family and guests becoming ill or having eye, skin, and hair issues.

Oasis Pool Care staff has the necessary qualifications and experience to professionally assist and guide you to your swimming pool or spa solution. Swimming pool trade diploma, chemistry certification, contractor's license, and professional association membership (IPSSA) are also amongst our credentials.

Our years of combined experience in varying aspects of the swimming pool industry, will help you to enjoy your backyard oasis in paradise.

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